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How to set up a user account

Setting up a user account is quick and simple and is needed in order for customers to book a class or an organiser to set up an activity or event to sell. They are also required to avoid fraudulent bookings and enhance the user booking experience.

You can set up your user profile through your facebook account or with your email address by means of verification. If you are already logged on to your facebook account, this is the quickest way to set up, and does not require any password set up.

If you do not have a facebook account, set up your user account by following the step by step guide:

1/ Enter your full name (first name and surname).

2/ Enter your email address.

3/ Enter your new password (minimum of 6 characters required).

4/ Re-confirm your new password.

5/ Click on the pink 'Sign Up' button. This will send a confirmation email to your email address.

6/ Verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link. This will direct you to our website where you will see a notice of confirmation. Your user set up is now complete. Please log on with your email address and password.

Note: It can take several minutes before the confirmation email drops into your inbox. We cannot guarantee your email will be delivered to your main inbox, so please check your junk mail.