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How to set up my classes

We've made it quick and easy to create classes. Follow the below step by step guide:

  1. Go to your dashboard and select the 'Classes' tab on the top menu bar.

  2. Then click on the pink 'New Class' button.

  3. You will then be presented with two class options: 'Drop in' (A one-off or PAYG class with just one start date) and 'Term' (A block of classes with multiple start dates). Select the option you require.

  4. You are now on the new class set up page. Here you are required to enter the information about your class.

Name: Enter the name of the class/event you are marketing to your customers, e.g. Toddler Swim.

The class name has a 30 character limit.

Venue: Select a venue from one of the saved locations in the drop-down list. If you do not have a saved venue click on the 'Add Venue' link. For more information go to 'How to add a venue'. If you are running an online class, select the 'Online Class' button.

Category: Select one of the ten categories from the drop-down list which describes the class activity best.

Age: Select the minimum and maximum age of the participants able to take part in your class from the drop-down list.

Class size: Enter maximum attendance.

Available places: Enter the number of places available to book.

Description: Enter a description of the class/event you are hosting (This is optional).

Timing: Enter a start date and the time your class/event starts and ends.

Reoccurring: Select the drop-down menu to choose how often you require your class/event to run, eg every week, every month or every month on that date.

Repeats: Enter how many sessions will be running per term or block booking. Eg, 8 sessions per half term.

Pricing:* Select from the drop-down menu the ticket price options. There are four types available: Baby, Child, Sibling, Family. Once the ticket option is selected, enter the price of the class/event. If this is for a 'Term' booking enter the total for the full term e.g. £10 x 5 classes = £50.***

To add another ticket price option, select the pink 'Add price item' button.

Booking information: Enter information your customers will need to know, eg to bring a change of clothes or parking information.

Service fee: Select from the drop-down menu who pays the service fee, 'You' or the 'User' (this includes the Stripe payment fee). The default is the 'Organiser' (you).

See an example below of how the fees work if you choose the user:

For example, if your class costs £2.50 the service fee is 2% of the cost + 20p: £0.25

User pays: £2.75

Organiser (you) receives: £2.50

Prices are calculated based on a quantity of 1 per price item from above. This is just an example to give you an idea of the fees. By changing the 'Who pays for the fee?' dropdown these figures will change.

  1. Once all information has been filled, select the pink 'Publish' button. This will upload your class/event onto the website. It will be live and searchable and ready to take bookings!