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How to set up as an organiser

Getting started is easy, but you will need a BuzzyTots user account before you can set up your organiser account. Please go to ‘How to set up a user account?’ for more information.

To become a new organiser:

1/ To access the new organiser set up page click on 'Create' at the top of the BuzzyTots homepage. Once on the setup page you will see a five text fields to fill out.

2/ First enter the name of your organisation, for example BuzzyTots. This is limited to a maximum of 30 characters. Please avoid adding the location or area of your business or franchise, this is for the next field.

3/ Enter the location/area your business operates in. This is limited to a maximum of 15 characters.

4/ Choose one of the ten categories that best describes the theme of your class or event. This will feature as part of your class description and help customers looking for a particular activity.

5/ Provide the age range for your event/class? For example; 6 months – 3 years. This will feature as part of your class description and help customers looking for an activity to suit a specific age group.

6/ Enter your business email address where customers can contact you.

7/ Select pink ‘Create Organiser’.

You're now all set up! You will receive a welcome email to confirm.

Once set up the following information is required from Stripe our payment service to process payments to your Bank Account. You will be prompted to provide this infomation before using our service. The information will be securely stored by Stripe. BuzzyTots Ltd will never hold or share this information.

1/ Are you a limited company or individual/solo trader?

2/ Companies house company registration number?

3/ Provide your UTR (unique tax registration) number?

4/ Confirmation if you are a company Director?

5/ Company registered address?

6/ First and Last name?

7/ Email address?

8/ Telephone / mobile number?

9/ Date of birth?

10/ Correspondence address?

11/ Bank account name, number and sort code?

Start building your business profile:

To start adding more detail to your organiser profile go to your dashboard by clicking on the link with your business name located on the left hand side of the BuzzyTots desktop webpage.

Here you can add or change classes/events, keep tabs on the number of bookings taken, see who has booked, and how much money is in your account, as well as many other functions.

The first thing you will notice is the default logo and cover image shown at the top of your dashboard. It’s easy to change these at any time. Simply click on the change image icon which looks like a camera and upload your cover image or brand logo from your hard drive. You won't be able to upload images bigger than 2MB. Once uploaded, you will be able to view your image in a window where you can move it around into position or zoom in and out, so you can get your logo and cover image looking just how you want it.

Next, select the ‘Details’ tab. Here you will be able to add more information about your organisation.

1/ Provide a description about your organisation. Tell your customer who you are and what you do. Make this as detailed as possible so parents will know all about the classes and events you offer.

2/ Provide an attachment of your Terms & Conditions (will need to be a PDF format). Don’t worry if you don’t have any, it’s not essential.

Once complete, click on the ‘Update Organiser’ button. This will automatically change your organiser profile for customers to view. You can come back to update and tweak this information whenever you wish.