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How to add a venue

Adding venue information about where your class is located is quick to do, and once set up, will be saved for future use. You will not require a venue if running online classes.

To add a venue, follow the step by step guide:

1/ Go to your dashboard.

2/ Select 'Venues' tab on the menu bar.

3/ Click on the pink 'New Venue' button.

4/ Enter the name of your venue location in the text field. This will automatically seek the address using Google maps on a drop down list. Once you find your venue, select the address, which will then self populate the address and post code text fields.

5/ If you cannot locate your venue in the Google drop down list, please manually enter the address and post code of your venue.

6/ Scroll down and you will see a map of the UK with a pin/marker. Drag the map to an accurate location so the pin/marker shows where your venue is located.

7/ Then click on the pink 'Create Venue' button.

8/ Once selected, your venue will be saved to a list on the 'Venues' page, and will automatically appear on a drop down menu when setting up classes.

9/ To remove or edit a venue, simply click on the pink 'Edit' or 'Delete' icons on the right hand side of the venue listing.

Note: You can add as many venues as you need.